5 Tips to raise the eyebrows of Big Dawg Blogging Influencers

5 Tips to raise the eyebrows of Big Dawg Blogging Influencers

After appearing on some of the world’s most famous blogs I have a solid idea of what makes Blogging Big Dawg influencers tick.

Remember; these folks are human.

Just like you and me.

Before you follow these few basic, simple tips do not be intimidated by the influencers of the blogging world.

Guys like Zac Johnson are humble, kind and generous.

I even had lunch with this internet icon last year.

If you can address any worthiness “why would they care about or listen to me” issues you can follow these steps effectively.

1: Personalize

When folks address me as “Ryan” through social media, email or through blog comments, I perk up.

Because my name is about the best sounding word in the English language.

Because if you use my name, you care about me a little bit more than someone who uses a generic delivery.

It’s the little things that count.

Blogging influencers are not immune from this basic law.

If you want to pop up on their radar personal interactions with them.

2: Share Frequently

Sharing is caring.

And caring about successful bloggers will inspire them to take notice and care about you.

You can go from blogging anonymity to sitting at the table with Big Dawg Bloggers by tapping a retweet button. Or by sharing a post on Facebook. Or by sharing a post on Google Plus.

Trust me; these well known bloggers know folks who share their stuff regularly.

Even if they don’t respond – a guy like myself has hundreds of potential engagements through social media, blog comments and emails daily, combined – they know who you are and will tend to promote you, endorse you or be open to your request for a tweet or maybe even a feature.

3: Be…YOU! Through Your Blog

“Me-Too-Itis” has infected the blogging world.

Listicle type posts.

Classic “how to” posts.

Nothing wrong with each style of post but most bloggers deliver these common themes in a boring, bland, 3rd person, “me too” fashion.

Like trying to eat a puffed rice cake when you’re dehydrated, reading these types of posts is a dry, unpleasant experience.

You can’t grab the attention of well known bloggers if you’re following the herd of blogging sheeple.

Be you!

Then, blog you!

Meaning, write in your authentic voice, adding personal, entertaining stories to your posts, drawing analogies between your niche and your stories.



You are the only you who has ever lived.

Play this advantage to the hilt.

Show up on the radar of influential bloggers.

4: Become a Comment Lounge Lizard

I’m often spotted lazing in comment sections on blogs.

A cyber space lounge lizard.

Minus the gold chains and cheesy shirt with 4 buttons opened.

Blog comments helped me land a guest posting gig on Zac Johnson’s Blogging Tips Dot Com.

Blog comments inspired Chris Brogan to tweet 2 of my eBooks.

Blog comments helped me land a speaking gig at NYU.

Write a thorough, personalized, helpful comment to catch the attention of influential bloggers.

Publish a few paragraphs to stand out from the crowd.

5: Please Limit those Pitches

Even if you didn’t grow up on a farm you know chasing a chicken is a desperately fruitless venture.

Because whatever you chase, flees.

Big Dawg Bloggers may not have tiny little brains and a panicked demeanor but they will head for the hills if you send 3, 4 or more desperate pitches to them.

After 2 pitches I completely ignore any blogger’s emails.

I don’t see myself as a top blogger but get quite a few emails every day.

Desperate, needy, panicked pitches repel bloggers.



Don’t repel.

If you do pitch a blogger simple stress how your guest post or interview will benefit their audience.

After 2 pitches, let them go.

Millions of bloggers in the cyber sea.

Do you use these tips?

How do you wow the socks off of Big Dawg Bloggers?

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He’s the owner/creator of Blogging From Paradise.

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Ryan Biddulph - January 12, 2017

Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for the opportunity!


Donna Merrill - January 15, 2017

Fancy seeing you here Ryan,

Gosh you are everywhere these days! I love all the tips you have given here. Yep the comment lounge lizard gal herself.

You know how I feel that comments are the backbone of our blog. Get out there and comment on people’s blogs you find interesting. Get to know them….the rest will fall into place.

Needless to say without sharing your blog will be in dead waters. I know it sounds rhetoric, but sharing really is caring. And that’s what we want to do….have some fun, care about others and then tell the what you do.



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