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Welcome! I’m Jane Sheeba, and here’s something about me.

I am optimistic. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in smart work and always work strategically. I find happiness in helping others. I keep negativity OFF the fence. I LOVE freedom. I love being able to do what I want to do.

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Write Killer Content Course

How to create killer content for your business?

Content forms a crucial part of your online business and you cannot expect to succeed with mediocre content. Discover how to create killer content for your business every time.

Blogging success foundation course

Blogging success foundation course

Having the right mindset, the right strategies and the necessary knowledge about what to expect are all crucial for blogging success. Discover how to succeed with blogging by setting the right foundation.

How to start a blog the right way and succeed?
(FREE Resource)

10 Crucial things to do BEFORE you start a blog [Do not skip!]

This Chapter sets the right foundation for you to start a blog. And this becomes a crucial Chapter to start your blog right.

The technical aspects of starting a blog

When you start something online, you definitely encounter with technology. Don’t worry if you are not a tech geek. This Chapter will keep you covered.

Setting up your blog the right way

It doesn’t end with the technical aspects. But you have to set up your blog correctly so it is easily picked up by search engines, crawled, and indexed.

Working with WordPress

WordPress can be daunting to some. Even though I can personally say that it is a pretty easy platform to deal with, not many will think so.

Blog monetization blueprint

How to make money blogging? The million dollar question that hits the minds of bloggers who start a blog.

Tools you’ll need to succeed

Without the use of tools, it is pretty hard to keep up with everything associated with blogging. In fact, I would say that it is impossible.

How to start creating content for your blog

What is a blog without content? Content creation on a regular basis keeps your blog alive.

But where do you start? What kind of content do you create? Where do you get blog content ideas? How to create content consistently for your blog?

Promoting your blog the right way

A blog is a marketing tool. But that tool needs your marketing side too. Without properly promoting your content you will be wasting your precious time in building a blog and working on content creation.

Networking for blogging success

As a blogger you cannot do it all alone. And it is also not a healthy way to do things. You need helping hands – to help you with suggestions, motivate you, keep yourself accountable, for a casual talk, for helping you with promotions and much more.

On becoming a successful blogger

Starting a blog, creating content and making some money is not all. There’s more to becoming a successful blogger.

What others are saying

Jane’s blog is a goldmine for any aspiring blogger. It’s filled with the kind of thorough and practical advice on setting up and running a successful blog that others charge hundreds of dollars for.”
Ana Hoffman

Jane Sheeba is a mastermind teacher, her blog provides all the evidence you need to see how “killer content” can impact your audience and convert readers into clients.”
Fabrizio Van Marciano

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