10 Steps to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

How to achieve your goals and dreams in 10 steps!1

It is a natural tendency for us as humans to make goals and have dreams that we would like to achieve. Goals vary among people with different individuals aspiring to achieve different ambitions.

The majority of individuals don’t realize their dreams because of different reasons like ignorance or being unaware of how to go about it successfully.

However, a few individuals manage to achieve their dreams since this process follows a similar pattern.

If you have problems achieving yours, this article perfectly fits you and when you follow the ten steps outlined below; you’ll progress significantly towards your achievement.


Most people have a long list of things they want to achieve. Pursuing all of them simultaneously limits us in effectively handling the most important goal.

Before writing goals and making dreams, it is important that you assess both your current situation and what matters most in your life.

Tackle one goal at a time based on their order of importance. Begin with the one that will highly boost your happiness.

Set your target high but not too high such that it’s not attainable and realistic. The best goals complement your lifestyle and talents. Follow your intuition.

Be Specific About Your Goals

After knowing what truly matters to you, you need to narrow down your goals and make them specific.

Also, ensure that your goal fulfills the S.M.A.R.T requirement meaning that it’s specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely conscious.

This will give you a precise mental picture of what you need to pursue and will also ease your goal achievement.

Divide Your Goal Into Parts

This applies to cases where overwhelming and time-consuming goals are to be tackled and achieved. Breaking it down into smaller parts “mini-goals” enhances your chances of achieving it.

This is because you will easily come up with a specific plan of action which will efficiently tackle small parts of the goal.

If done successfully, this will boost your motivation and enthusiasm to pursuing the overall goal.

When you have achieved a ‘mini-goal,’ appreciate and move on to the next step. Eventually, this stepwise course of action will get you to your destination.

Generate an Action Plan

A plan of action significantly contributes to goal achievement. An action plan refers to a detailed list of activities and steps you will need to take to achieve the goal.

It will act as your map on this journey showing you your current position and your destination.

Be practical when drawing the action plan. The action plan should have detailed information about the time, dates and particular steps of action.

When complete, start taking action as soon as now and avoid procrastination as much as possible. Identify anything that may hinder you from acting on the plan and make sure that you have fixed it.

Incorporate the Action Plan Into Your Schedule

To act on your project, you need to sacrifice some time off your schedule. No matter how busy you are, identify specific times upon which you will be carrying out the activities outlined in your course of action.

Most of the time, we waste a lot of time pursuing unimportant things in our lives. It’s your responsibility to evaluate how you spend your time.

Get rid of all the unnecessary and unproductive activities wasting your time. The more time you invest in your goal, the closer you will get to realize your dream.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

The road that leads to your achieving your goals and dreams is not straight and contains many hills and valleys.

In this journey, you will come across tough challenges, problems, and difficulties that may throw you off balance. They will make you want to despair and stop pursuing your ambition.

As the challenges become stronger, it increases your chances to want to give in.

However, amid all these obstacles the only thing for you would be never to give up. Handle every challenge efficiently, and they won’t block you from achieving your dreams.

Believe In Your Goals and Self

Even though we usually set goals beyond our current abilities, they are achievable as long as they are believable.

If your goal can be achieved with the assistance of others, occurrence of some things and inputting your hard work then you need to believe in its achievement.

With self-confidence and strong believe in your abilities, you’ll manage to progress far. You also need to be optimistic and have persisting motivation.

Even though you’ll encounter numerous challenges and setbacks, this is no reason enough to take away your confidence and optimism.

Let Your Dream be known

Holding back your dreams and ambitions to yourself may be the failure of its achievement. It’s advisable that you share it with a lot of people close to you.

The more times you passionately narrate it to people, the more you will believe it as it is repeatedly accepted subconsciously in your mind.

People will criticize and comment about it which can give you more confidence and motivation.

When they see your commitment, more people will become ready to support and help you where necessary.

They will also keep you updated in case they come across people or opportunities that will make you achieve your goals faster.

Expect Obstacles

It would be stupid for you to expect that you will smoothly achieve your goals. In fact, the action plan you come up with may not go as you planned.

So mentally prepare yourself to face some difficulties and obstacles along the journey.

You need to be flexible so that you can tackle any obstacle that arises and threatens your project.

This requires you to create alternative backup plans in case things don’t go as expected.

This will greatly help you recover from any setbacks you come across and ultimately remain focused on your goal.

Celebrate and Appreciate Yourself

Finally, you need to enjoy your journey to achieving your goals and dreams by making it lively by rewarding yourself with a celebration.

You should celebrate whenever you achieve a ‘mini-goal’ and overcome a challenge for the nice job you have done. This will keep you motivated as you pursue the main goal.

When you finally make it successfully, have a grand celebration. After this, go back to step 1 and pursue another goal preferably bigger, demanding and more challenging.

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Susan Velez - March 31, 2017

Hi Ana and Jane,

These are some great tips for anyone who is has some enormous goals and wants to reach them. We all tend to believe that reaching our goals is going to be a straight and narrow path. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Thanks for making me realize that there’s nothing wrong with zigging and zagging until you reach your goals. Now I know that as long as I am willing to work hard, then I will reach them.

Thanks for the reminder to celebrate my mini goals. This will me the motivation to keep striving to my bigger goals.

I truly appreciate the reminder of the best way to achieve my goals and dreams. I know that these tips will help others keep working towards their goals, even if they’re not seeing the results they want.

Have a great day!

– Susan

    Jane - March 31, 2017

    Hey Susan,

    Reaching out goals via a straight path is an ideal condition – doesn’t apply in real world 🙂 You’re right.

    Indeed, until we get there we have to be prepared for some zig zag. But once we are able to achieve small or big things, self appreciation is a must (I’ve personally found that it is a powerful thing).

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!


ana - March 31, 2017

Hi Susan and Jane,
Thank you, Jane, for the opportunity of this post.
Jane was one of the first people online that made me think about my niche.
Not everything went well, but it made me grow and mature, know how to choose my path.
There has been progressing and frustration, but I have always had a goal, “slowly goes far.”
It has been this dream that has enlightened me so far.

For you Susan, yesterday had an email, which talked about a successful blog, a video on youtube. It was Susan. I have some alert googles. Creating a successful blog is one of them.
To my surprise today Susan is making a comment about a guest post from my blog.
I’ll be in touch with Susan soon.
Thank you all for helping my days become brighter.

Elvis Michael - April 14, 2017

Being specific is key, as you mentioned.
For example: Don’t aim for losing 40 pounds without aiming for 5, and then an additional 5, and so on. Remaining too generic will only overwhelm and intimidate you.

Here’s another thing about goal-setting, which may contradict one of your points (with respect, of course) — Announcing a goal may have a negative effect on some individuals.

By announcing it, a subtle/psychological trigger might make some people undermine said goal. Once your loved one gives you that warm, fuzzy approval (nice job! go for the goal!) your mind will feel rewarded by that positive praise. So why go any further if I already got a pat on the back? You subconsciously tell yourself.

In the end, this always varies from person to person (some people announce their goals for accountability purposes, and this works great for them). You would have to really know yourself and figure out what exactly makes you tick, on a personal level.

Thanks for the wonderful read. I truly enjoyed it 🙂


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