How to change title, tagline and date format in WordPress?

In this blog post let’s see how you can change the tile, tag line and date of your WordPress website.

When you have just installed WordPress, everything in the website is by the default WP setting and you need to edit it according to what you want.

The title and tag line as well as the time are very crucial things in a blog as these are the first things that readers see.

When you’ve installed WordPress, there is some default generic title and tag line for your website and a date and time that might not match yours. Let’s see how we can edit these.

The steps involved

The process is extremely easy and you’ll face no difficulties in doing it.

  • Firstly you have to log in to your account and go to the dashboard. On the left hand side of your dashboard you will find a list and one item there is General.
  • So you have to click on general and a window will come up with boxes like site title and site tag line, etc.
  • You will see by default WordPress has filled in My Blog and WordPress Blog on the title and tag line boxes.
  • So you have to click on the boxes and then change it to the title and tag line which you want for your website. The tag line should be something attractive, your unique value proposition, which will attract readers. You must think about these before you go about making technical setting changes in your blog.
  • When that is done you need to scroll down and you will find a box titled time zone. That box will already have a default time and date which might not coincide yours. You must click on the drop down and change it to your time zone. This is important because the time zone is required in both the backend and frontend of your blog. For example, when you create a new blog post, you have the option of publishing it immediately or you can set a time and date for later. This time and date will be according to the time zone that is set by you now.
  • You also have the option of displaying the time and date when you have published a blog at the end of your blog post. Even in the comments, the time and date displayed depends upon the one that you are setting up now. So it’s important that you alter the default time.
  • You can also choose a format and that is the format which will be displayed everywhere in your blog, both back and front end.

You can have a blog without changing its title or tag line or time zone.

However, it will be really awkward for a reader who has come to visit your blog to see generic names like My Blog and WordPress blog on your website instead of a personalized tag line and title.

In order to make your blog personal and attractive you must make these changes.

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