How to create a personal brand using your blog?

How to create a personal brand using your blog?

Creating personal brand for yourself is a very important part of your success as a blogger. You need to make sure people know you by your face once they hear about your blog.

Many people create a brand for their blog, but they miss to promote themselves and associate their personal identity with their blog.

Why personal branding is important?

You need to remember that you may create several blogs in future. Along with your blog, you need to promote yourself and have to create your personal brand.

This will help you when you create your new blog. Next time people will easily recognize you and you do not have to work hard to promote it.

In this blog post, I will provide simple tips about how you can create your personal branding using your blog and make sure people know you by face and easily associate you with your blog.

Use your Personal image on your homepage with the email optin

You need to make sure your display your own profile picture.

Your blog homepage is the perfect place for it. Your picture with a personalized message will convert easily.

It has two benefits:

  1. You will promote yourself as a brand and at the same time,
  2. You will get more email subscribers.

Make sure you use a professional image. Here is one example from Jane’s blog:

jane's blog featured image

The second part of this is how to create it. Nowadays, almost all paid WordPress themes provides you this feature to include it easily.

I personally use Genesis theme and it is very easy to create it using the widget. You can include your optin along with a customized image.

Use About us page widget

Make sure you include About us page widget on your blog homepage and other pages.

The best place to include it in the sidebar or footer widget. Include your profile picture and include a short biography.

This will highlight your profile and make sure visitors knows about you. This is the best place to show your face to readers, do not miss it. You can also include a link to other blogs in the profile.

Here is one example from Neil Patel blog:

neil patel about us example

Create optin box and add your picture

People really trust and believe you when you show them real stuff with an example.

And this real person can be you. You can create an optin box about your blog with your picture.

This will not only help you create a brand but also build your credibility and gets you more optins.

Here is another example from Neil’s blog. Make sure you add some real data and bonus with the optin.

optin example neil patel

Add your picture in video thumbnail

Many people ignore this important part to let people know you. When you create a YouTube or a video channel, make sure your picture is included in that along with the text.

It is a good way to let people know you are the person behind the video.

It also helps when people embed your video in their blog. Here is one example from my blog:

youtube thumbnail example

Add your picture in Twitter and Facebook page

When you create your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media page, do not forget to add some text and your own profile.

When people visit your social media pages, they should recognize you.

This will also help you when you create your another blog. Your first blog’s fan will automatically start following another blog.

Here is an example from my Facebook page:

facebook page example

Add a picture in email signature

Email signature is a great place to promote yourself. You need to make sure to create a professional email signature.

It should have your name, picture, blog address and social media profiles at least.

email signature example

You need to make sure you include it for all personal as well as work email. There are a lot of tools available in the market which can do it for you very easily.

Newoldstamp and Wistestamp are few of free tools available in the market to create free email signature.

Create Ebook and distribute it for free

An Ebook is a great way to become an influencer or create a brand of yourself.

You can create an Ebook based on your niche and distribute it free or sell it on Amazon.

An Ebook with your picture on it lets you create a brand of yourself and make you familiar.

Here is one good example of Ebook from Pat Flynn:

ebook pat flynn example

Include your image in logo

Many people also uses their images or cartoon sketches in their blog’s logo to promote themselves.

This is a good way to make sure people identify you by face once they land on your website.

I suggest to your own image as logo if you do not have branded logo.

Here is one example from Shalu Sharma’s blog.

picture in logo example

Create Q&A in your niche

Q&A is a great way to interact with readers and nowadays all big bloggers are using it. This is a free service for the blogging community.

You can use a Facebook post or live to create a quick Q&A session. You can conduct it for 30 minutes or 1 hour and ask readers to throw any question.

Then as per your knowledge, you try to answer it.

This is a great way to share your expertise and readers will love it. It will also help you to get recognition from the readers.

Here is one example from Kulwant’s blog.

question and answer example kulwant

Create webinar and engage with your readers

Webinar is becoming very trending nowadays to interact with the readers. It will help us to share a presentation with the readers and help them to answer their question.

You can schedule a time with the readers and ask them to sign up for the webinar.

A webinar is also a free service and lets you create a personal brand. It is very much like a public seminar but it is online.

All the topmost influential bloggers organize webinars at least once in a month and asks the user to sign up free.

Create a forum for your blog

Earlier Forum was used to create a community for a bigger audience. But nowadays people are creating it for a smaller blogging audience.

It is a good way to answer your reader’s question in offline mode.

You can create different categories and a reader can post their question. You can answer when time permits and it will also encourage other readers to post answers.

As you start interacting with more users in the community, it will help you to build personal brand and publicity.

Personal branding with your blog – Conclusion

Creating a personal brand us equally important as promoting your blog.

It is for sure that you are not going to stick with one blog. So along with a blog, you need to create your own personal brand.

It will help you in a long run as you can launch multiple blogs in the future and can make it popular quickly.

The personal brand also helps you to become an influencer in your niche. It will help you to be famous, create community in your blog and ultimately become a big blogger.

Hope these tips given you some ideas about how to create your personal branding.

I would love to hear your opinion about the personal brand. Please use the comment section to share your thoughts.

Ravi is a motivated blogger who blogs about technology, social issue, blogging and everything which add value to an individual at Ravisinghblog.in. He works as a Software engineer by profession but loves blogging and traveling. You can connect with him on Facebook!

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Ravi Chahar - November 7, 2016

Hey Ravi and Jane,

No doubt that personal branding can be done with your own blog. Adding the image in the email newsletter can be quite effective.

It’s very important to show your picture on your website. People like to see who is behind the content.

The opt-in box and the webinar may also work.

Thanks for sharing the guide with us.

    Ravi Singh - November 8, 2016

    Thank you for your comment Ravi. First of all, thank you Jane for accepting my guest post. There is so much we can learn from Jane. We need to make sure to use our image as much as possible within our blog. If you want to be a successful blogger, camera shy is not an option. Get yourself some good photographer and use it on your blog.

    I have seen some very good result after using own personal brand and picture on the blog.

Ryan Biddulph - November 7, 2016

Hi Ravi,

Super examples! Jane is a fine model for personal branding. When I see an opt in form or ad or graphic, I usually see…HER! So I know I’m signing up for her emails. Or her course. Powerful connecting tool and awesome approach for humanizing your brand as well. Folks may vibe with a simple logo but adding that personal branding touch helps you stand out even more. Thanks for sharing!


Sherman Smith - November 8, 2016

Hey Ravi,

When it comes to our businesses we definitely want to be able to stick out. This I’d why Branding is so important!

These tips are going to make you stand out and associate you with whatever niche you’re in. You want to be known for specific products or services and you want your audience to think of you whenever they run into them. This is why it’s important to use your own pictures on your blog and in other areas within your niche.

Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

Ravi Singh - November 8, 2016

Thank you Ryan for stopping by and comment. No doubt, Jane is a master in using her personal brand. That is the reason why even though this is a new blog she recently started and she is already getting good traffic. This is a magic of personal branding

Donna Merrill - November 9, 2016

Hi Jane and Ravi,

What wonderful advice on creating a personal brand. Having your picture everywhere is so important. You never know where people will start following you to get to your blog. It can be from any social media platforms to an email. And yes…have your picture on every email you send.

Creating a free ebook – including your picture on it – can gain tons of traffic. Also a webinar is always a great idea. Record it and if those who cannot make it, you can email it to them.



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