The benefits of guest blogging: Why should you guest blog?

The benefits of guest blogging: Why should you guest blog?

Guest blogging is a highly effective way to promote your blog.

And it is something that you should definitely add to your content marketing strategy.

How can I say that? Well….

I want to walk you through some of the “other than the usual” guest blogging benefits that you might not have heard much about.

Now the usuals……

  • You may want to guest post for traffic.
  • You may want to guest post for backlinks.
  • You might also guest post considering that….
  • Guest posting is “free advertising”.

How much do you spend for PPC/CPM ads? How much do you need to spend on Facebook ads, Stumbleupon ads and any kind of targeted traffic generation media?

But think about guest blogging. It is FREE advertising and you advertise your blog/online business on some big blog in your niche.

You’re indeed stealing your competitor’s traffic and use his/her traffic to build your authority. How good is that?

Guest blogging helps you spread out

What happens when you publish post after post in your own blog?

If your blog has a handful of readers, then, nothing surprising would ever happen except that this handful of well-wishing readers keep coming back as a sign good will.

But if you publish one out of 10 posts (that you publish on your own blog) on a bigger blog in your niche, your name/brand gets out there easily!

And when you have from 5-10 guest posts on recognised blogs, 5 times more people will already know about you.

Guest posting helps you build relationships and earns you fans

build relationships

Seriously! This point is a hit in my diary.

If I had done nothing but publish posts on my own blog, I wouldn’t have met all the nice people I know now.

Some are my blogging pals now, supporting me all the way to success. Some are my fans and super fans, who read my content, share my content and follow me religiously.

Some are my religious customers; they are fond of the stuff I offer and so on.

If I hadn’t published guest posts, I wouldn’t have made so much valuable connections in so little time.

Guest blogging makes you a better writer

Guest blogging makes you a better writer

When you guest post...

(i) You write to fit different styles

When you guest post on a different blog, you write for a totally different group of people.

The niche might be the same and you may also write on a similar topic as the host blogger.

However, the readers of the host blog are used to a completely different style of writing. Your guest post should fit in there.

For this purpose, you need not change your own voice and style, though. However your style has to be compatible with that of the host blog.

(ii) You are extra careful with grammar

You surely do check grammar when you write a blog post for your blog. But how do you check for grammar when you write a guest post?

Well, I have a tab with Cambridge Dictionaries Online open when I write a guest post.

I mean, I am more cautious about grammar mistakes when writing a guest post when compared to writing on my own blog.

I am not saying that you can publish crap on your blog, but you see with extra-careful eyes for grammatical errors when you write for others.

It is like how you behave at your own house and how you behave when you are a guest at someone’s house.

(iii) You write with a set of rules on hand!

When you write guest posts you are normally given guest blogging guidelines – A set of rules provided by the host blogger.

Your article should be written in such a way that it complies with those guidelines, in order to be accepted.

This means that you are writing with some constraints on hand.

And, sometimes the rules can influence your writing pattern, style, the length and the quality of the post (the information in it).

Guidelines give you an idea about the styles and the quality, thus you are not left hand-cuffed in a forest.

You are free to write out your ideas and thoughts, but still you have to follow a guideline; the important point is that the guideline is not set by you but by someone else.

This is great for your writing.

(iv) You become more accountable

Again, just like grammar checking, you are extra careful about the information you share in the guest post.

Things like the information you share, the images you use, the ideas and everything in that guest post have to be unique, original and have to be written by you.

You cannot do a copyright infringement of the information and the items in use.

Further you cannot use the information anywhere else; the guest article is only for that particular website to which you wrote it for.

If you intend to use it, you can quote a part of the idea with appropriate reference to the original content.

(v) Extensive research


Guest posts are usually longer than the average posts you write on your blog.

For the extra length you just cannot blabber space filling words or sentences. You have to provide in-depth information.

You therefore do an extensive research for writing a guest post. You take extra time and provide as much information as possible.

Link building (this is not what you think!)


I must put more emphasize on this factor when it comes to guest blogging.

OK there are very many ways in which you can build backlinks to your blog – both white hat and black hat. Considering only the white hat techniques, there are still lots of ways to build links.

Some other ways include, article marketing, setting up link wheel(s), forum posting, link exchange (footer, blogroll etc.) and so on.

Now, not every backlink is equal and Google pays attention to what is called the quality of a backlink.

Let’s take article marketing for instance.

There are softwares at our dispense which help us to write one article (let’s say excellent quality article) plug it in a software to create 100 unique copies of it and plug it in another software which will automatically submit our 100 articles to 100 different article directories to earn us 100 backlinks in…. may be 10 minutes to an hour, at the maximum.

This is littering the internet with same piece of content!

Similarly you can go on with link exchange or pay 100 webmasters to put your links in 100 different Blogrolls or Footer or Featured links.

Now while all these are counted as links, their quality, according to Google, is in question.

Google has undergone multiple updates (the Pandas) and many websites who’s rankings were soaring high got a big slap and were washed out of the SERPs. Why?

It is because of Google’s perspective on backlinks – Google is not anymore with quantity only but weighs quality more than that. So what are quality links?

  • Links from websites which are not content farms, like article directories or auto blogs.
  • Links which do not have the same anchor text all over the place.
  • In-content links. That is, links which come from within the content (a blog post or the content of a page).
  • Links from websites that do not have lots of ads; more than 5 adsense blocks, text links and other forms of advertising blocks.
  • Links which are not from un-moderated sites. This includes article directories which publish just about anything (the ones that easily approve your submission and hence you’re tempted to submit more).
  • Links which are built in a nice and slow manner. Well, you shouldn’t have 10 backlinks to your domain this week and 1000 links next week; that certainly shows a red sign to Google.

So if you’re the one who says, “I don’t have the time or guts or interest to write guest posts. Link building via guest blogging is a tedious and time consuming process. I’d rather go with other easy and lighter methods”, then you might want to think again!

Guest blogging opportunities are everywhere. You just have to grab them!

You can start by submitting a guest blog post right to this blog!

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Robin Khokhar - October 27, 2016

Hi Jane,
These guest blogging tips were amazingly good and Nice to see your another blog. Thanks for sharing.
have a great day.

Rajendra Kumar - October 27, 2016

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable thought on Guest Posting.

Ravi Chahar - October 27, 2016

Hey Jane,

The guest posting is something every blogger needs to adopt. I totally agree with your points.

When you write a guest post, your main concern is on creating the best content with the zero spelling and grammatical mistakes.

You take more account to build connections. You will get introduced to the new audience.

An informative article indeed.

Lisa Sicard - October 27, 2016

Hi Jane, I love the fact that you can spread yourself out via a guest blog and get to know others in your niche that may have never come to your own blog before. I agree that guest blogging makes you a better writer, I know I’m much more careful when I guest blog with my style, grammer and spelling.
My question is how do you write your own posts on your blog and guest blog at the same time? Not an easy feat by any means!

Muhammad Ahmad - December 5, 2016

Hi Jane,
a great post indeed 🙂
Actually, guest blogging is all about getting exposure, getting authority and fresh readers towards your blog!
Thanks for the awesome write-up.
~ Ahmad
P.S Please Do have a look at my latest blog post @ MeetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there 🙂

Nirmala - January 16, 2017

Hi Jane,

You have listed all the benefits of guest blogging, nice post it is!

As you said, guest blogging is an excellent way to promote our blog and network with other bloggers. When we do with care, it improves our writing and researching skills as well.

I have seen some bloggers use this method to build links to their blog by contributing fruitless content.

But I always offer helpful content to the readers of other blogs and improving my online presence.

Thanks for the detailed post on guest blogging, keep writing for us.

Mohammed Anzil - January 16, 2017

Hey Jane Sheeba,

Guest blogging on other blogs bigger than yours is a great way to impact the lives of others and make them have a good memory of you for the rest of their lives. Guest Blogging will help you to build your own audience.

Thanks for sharing.


PAVITRA KUMAR - February 10, 2017

Hey Jane Sheeba

The relationships part is the most important. Very nice and useful post!!
I am also planning for guest post for my websites as well. You post has given me some more insight about guest blogging.

Happy Blogging 🙂 Thanks a lot again

Pronob Kundu - July 1, 2017

Hi Jane,
Guest Blogging really can make us a great writer.
Moreover, It will build relationships with other bloggers.
Thanks for your awesome Post.


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