How to get over with the most common fears of guest blogging?

How to get over with the most common fears of guest blogging?

Well, I’ve had huge success with guest blogging.

And, I am writing and publishing this blog post because I see a lot of people are not doing it just because they have this “fear factor”.

Whenever I write a post on my blog or some other blog about guest blogging, I always have a bunch of comments from people saying “I’m afraid to write guest posts” .

Why the “fear” when it comes to guest blogging? – Let me break it down

Guest posting is nothing but, basically, writing a blog post.

If you already have a blog and if you have written a bunch of posts for your own blog, then what stops you from writing a blog post for some other blog?

It is just another blog post, which you need to write with some extra commitment, that’s all; it doesn’t get simpler than that!

Are you worried about criticism?

Criticism is good. It helps you to improve. It gives you more blog post ideas and you can do your next guest post even better. It also helps you to interact effectively with the commenters.

What if people don’t like your guest post?

Let it be. Just deliver your best! You can’t please everyone in the world.

I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is to try to please everyone. - Bill Cosby.Click To Tweet

What if you can’t come up with a really killer post?

Not every post you write will become an epic. You can try to write killer posts, you can plan and prepare. But you really can’t force yourself to do the same.

At the same time, I don’t encourage you to write and publish mediocre or filler blog posts as guest posts because that truly damages your reputation (if you manage to get that post publish on another blog, that is).

While you can’t “force” yourself to write an epic blog post, you can train yourself to write one!

For this purpose, I highly recommend you to take up my content writing course: How to create killer content for your business?

Discover how to create killer content for your business every time

Also don’t forget to read this blog post > How to improve your writing skills as a blogger?

What if your guest post gets rejected?

You lose nothing. In fact you gain something very important.

You just have got your guest post peer reviewed by an established blogger.

And except in some remote cases, usually host bloggers will write a sentence or two telling you why they rejected your guest post. That’s something awesome and you can now work on improvising your content.

If you get quite some rejections your writing will surely improve. In addition you will learn what the biggies expect.

This is how I learnt to write guest posts that bloggers want to publish. Not to mention, my initial posts got some bad rejections and responses; those feedback helped me improve a lot!

We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve! - Bill Gates.Click To Tweet

What if you’re a perfectionist?

In this case, you need to loosen up a lot. You cannot write a “perfect” guest post.

As I’ve said many times in many instances outside this report, “perfect” is a relative word. Something that looks perfect to me would be crap to you.

You cannot please everyone, and you cannot create a perfect blog post that will be appreciated by everyone. You just need to give your best and move on.

What if you don’t know what to write about!

Well, don’t worry. There are loads of ways to generate ideas and to write about something ground-breaking.

You can always come up with unique content in two simple ways:

  1. Find out what others are talking about “hot” in your niche and use those ideas to generate your own (or)
  2. Pick up an already existing idea (by browsing through your niche) and present the same idea in your own perspective and adding some “aha” content to it.

Now, I would like to emphasize that I am not telling you to copy someone’s content/idea and use it on your own. That is plagiarism and it will badly hurt your reputation. Plus it is not ethical in any way.

But you can always use existing ideas in the two ways I mentioned above to come up with your own unique content.

So what’s stopping you from writing and submitting a guest post? Please do share your “fears” in the comments below.

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Eyasir Arafat - November 24, 2016

Absolutely Yes!!
Because guest blogging helps every blogger to spread his own name over the community, than why should one fear of it? No point.

I wants to add here, if one blogger have a good writing skill then he should prepare 5-6 well written posts and offer them to the established blogs around. If some author reject one article for some reason than may be your another article will best suits his requirement. And you can be super fast to offer another one right into your next conversation.

    Jane - November 24, 2016

    Hey Eyasir,

    That’s right. There is no point in having fear. And yes, if one has a good writing skill, putting it to good use to market the blog in the form of guest blogging is a smart idea!

    Thanks for stopping by!


Ravi Chahar - November 24, 2016

Hey Jane,

There are many fears when people think about writing a guest post. In my starting days, I used to think about the rejection, criticism and many other things.

But as you have said, criticism is good.

Spending many hours thinking about the latest trends and the topic for a guest post is what makes people crazy.

No one is perfect. Just pick up a hot topic and write an article as you do for your own blog.

Thanks for brining this up.

Jane - November 24, 2016

Hey Ravi,

Yes – when anyone is starting with guest blogging I’m sure these kind of fears will haunt them!

And yes, thinking too much is just an obstacle – select a blog, tailor content to the blog and just submit 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


Robin Khokhar - November 24, 2016

Hi Jane,
Guest blogging is my one of the favorite technique for building links. And surely enjoyed reading your post.
SO, thanks for sharing.
And have a great day.

Ryan Biddulph - November 24, 2016

Hi Jane,

I had a palpable, overwhelming fear of being rejected or criticized when I submitted a guest post. Especially when it came true LOL! So I resisted guest posting for many years. Even though I could write well. Then, after having 2 guest posts rejected from well known bloggers, I went into a shell again. Until I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway. I still fear criticism some but allow not that fear to dictate my decisions. Carry on, guest posters!


    Jane - November 25, 2016

    Oh yeah! Fear is everywhere – and with guest blogging, it is certainly there. I’m sure even the bloggers who have published a long list of guest posts like you and me still have some fear left inside of us every time we submit a post to a site.

    But I’d say that this is a good kind of fear – that makes you cautious and helps you to create better content rather than being “cool”.

    On the other hand, letting the fear take control and caving in is certainly not a good thing!

    Thanks for stopping by Ryan 🙂

Sue - November 26, 2016

Hi Jane,

Guest blogging helped me build my list so I’m a big fan!

Enjoyed the post.

    Jane - November 26, 2016

    Glad to hear that Sue. Guest blogging never fails to provide awesome results, right?

    Thanks for stopping by!

Vishwajeet Kumar - November 27, 2016

Hey Jane,

Great piece of info. In my earlier days of blogging I had also feel that fear of criticism and rejection. But You will be amazed to know that my blogging journey starts with Guest Blogging. Before I started my blog I have written many articles on different blogs. I Think to overcome your fear, you have to work hard on your weaknesses.

Abdul Samad - November 28, 2016

Hey Jane,

Really Guest Blogging is the best way to tell people that you’re also a blogger. 🙂

Thanks for writing on my favorite topic!

Bye Bye!

Emenike Emmanuel - December 2, 2016

Hi Jane!

Nice one. Guest posting is a great way of building backlinks and relationship with top bloggers. I will need to revisit my strategy for creating content so that I can make more rooms for guest posting.

usman sarwer - December 6, 2016

Hi Jane,

Everyone Knows about guest post that is one of the most common things that all blogger use for their website but way of your explanation helps other to understand what is guest Blogging and how they can workout by using these tips thanks for great post 🙂

Ash - December 12, 2016

Hey Jane,

You had to write about this when I was thinking about this?

I had this huge fear for guest blogging for the simple, age-old “fear” of getting rejected (obvious enough, eh?). This was a long time ago when I was just getting started with “freelancing”. As I started doing freelancing,however, all of my time went into writing for others.

Writing for others included doing ghost blogging and writing up blog posts that’d eventually end up in some of those places you found great success with — Search Engine People, Entrepreneur, and many others.

Surprisingly, I never managed to get there myself, although I wrote up content for this agency that successfully posted across all these sites.

I must admit that I still worry about Guest posting. I wanted to do it for credibility, personal branding, and for that little push my agency would get. But no, I still live with that fear.

I am trying now-a-days, but I must admit I am not trying that hard.


Nadeem Mehar - December 23, 2016

thanks for great tips about guest post my request please share high authority guest post sites list thanks again

Harry Goyal - January 22, 2017

Hi Jane,

Guest blogging helped me to build traffic to my website!

Enjoyed the post.

Susan Velez - March 22, 2017

Hi Jane,

I did my first guest post about 2 weeks ago. I was extremely nervous because I had never done it before. Yes it’s just writing another blog post.

However, with my blog post there’s a close intimacy. I know it inside and out and how I like to do things.

With a guest post, it’s NOT your blog so things are different. So it was nerve racking but in the end everything turned out to be just fine.

Now I just have to get out there and keep doing it.

Quick question, when you first started guest posting did you post on any blog just to get your name out there? Or did you focus on blogs that already had a lot of traffic?

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my quick question. I am sure when the time comes again for my 2nd guest post, I’ll still be nervous. I guess it’s like anything else.

The more you practice, the better you get. Glad to hear that guest posting has been such a huge success for you.

– Susan


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