Want to start a “Blogging Tips” niche blog? Here’s how to do it!

How to Start a 'Blogging Tips Niche Blog

Be advised.

You might hate me after READING this.

But, a lot of you won’t.

(Hear me out and just let me finish)

It’s not super important to start blogging and write about blogging.

I’m not being a blogging guru here…

I’m just a student of blogging and learning it every single day.

Let me promise you one thing.

I’m going to dig deeper into this.

No any other work today because this blog post is going to consume my energy and I would happily pour my sweat into this.

I have been noticing this for quite some time but never thought about writing on this topic. Until now.

Am I only one who feels that?

I mean, everybody is telling everybody else about BLOGGING.

I recently published a blog post that describes that you can start a blog in $75 or less.


Notice one thing: I came up with a value proposition that you can start your blog with that much amount of money.

Got it?

Now I’m going to tell you that what I did and what you can do to STAND OUT in a crowded niche.

I’ll share my opinion on blogging tips niche with you all.

Do you know why?

Because I don’t want people to back off from BLOGGING when they read my blog post and assumed that so many bloggers trying to reach out the same kind of audience.

That is the ‘WHY’ of my blog post.

Meaning, I won’t stop people from choosing the ‘blogging tips’ niche but rather help them out in starting, sustaining, and growing their blogs.


Without any further due, let’s get into this.

How to Start a ‘Blogging Tips’ Niche Blog

The purpose is to help guide and expose you to the few new ideas that could spark off something new into your audience targeting and content strategy so that you could step up within the same niche and meet a different audience altogether. Here is the 3-step process:

1) – Skip Past the Basic Blog Setup Arbitrage

Millions of bloggers are teaching millions of newbie bloggers that how they can start a blog.

Get over it.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a couple of posts/pages that teach people how to set up a blog.

Sure. Make it happen.

But designing the monetization strategy based on that plan is a huge mistake.

The whole point is that you should somehow stand out from the crowd and offer something that nobody else is offering.

Could it be possible with a blog monetization strategy in which you entirely make money when people sign up to the recommended web hosting and blog theme services?

So, think about that.

Blogging Tips is a huge blogging niche.

You can still survive. Even dominate.

All you have to do is look at the different perspective to help out others. In fact, the target audience does have a huge role in setting up your blogging and monetization strategies.

Take a look at the important aspects of a niche selection:

  • What are your strengths? It begins with things you’re good at. It doesn’t mean it’s entirely about blog launching. Maybe, you know how to make great blog post titles, or maybe, you’re good with the keywords selection. Find your strength.
  • Who do you want to help exactly? This covers up the target audience. Brainstorm a little on who you want to reach out and help. If you don’t know the target audience exactly, you’re like blindfolded while playing soccer.
  • What do you have got to help them out? What are you? Who are you exactly? How can you help the specific audience that you think is your target audience? Make sure you figure out things that are spot on to help people out.
  • Why do you think your stuff works? There has to be a certain experience that should make you feel confident. Did you convince your last employer to start an official blog? Did you help guide anyone else about the SEO? Find something that just gives you enough motivation to start believing in yourself.

These shouldn’t fear you and make you leave blogging forever.

It’s just for bringing the CLARITY!

The more clear you’re with your blogging approach, the better you serve the audience.

I just don’t want you to stick to the mindset of MAKING MONEY with a web hosting and the blog theme affiliates just like 4000 more bloggers are doing in your city.

2) – Find Your Thing

It has to be something.

You’re starting a niche blog.

This means you’re entirely convinced that BLOGGING does help people. Not only does it help people, but it can also help you make money online. That’s why you’re into blogging in the first place.

If you’re into e-commerce, maybe, you could start talking about online shopping on your blog and write a blog on that. In fact, you can go to the other side of the table and help brands establish e-stores. You might want to promote Shopify or Bigcommerce for that.

In that pursuit of finding your thing, you may have to figure out a few things such as:

  • Look for things you’re good at: Maybe, you’re good at selling then you can talk about selling as an art for bloggers and how bloggers can leverage the art of selling.
  • Recall the story that fits in: Do you remember any childhood products flipping business success? Recall a story of your childhood that makes you realize about your certain talent.
  • Analyze the market demand: Foreseeing the demand for a certain product/service is a talent. Not everybody has it. But try to keep looking at things you’re interested in. It helps you build your perspective on things.
  • Find the brands that align: It’s necessary to keep an eye on the relevant brands. Maybe, they start an affiliate program in the future and you would be looking at the potential partners in the exact same thing you’re good at. Moreover, getting to know brands is essential from the networking standpoint.

The purpose is that you have to infuse your PASSION into the blogging tips niche.

The whole idea of this ‘finding your thing‘ is that you remain in the same niche and do something different that cut you off from the average blogs who are competing against each other while doing the similar things.

It’s not necessary that being in the blogging tips niche, you just have to:

  • Target new bloggers who are starting out
  • Help newbies to launch their blogs
  • Teach people on how to buy a web hosting
  • Guide people on installing a blog theme

Instead, you can go further in order to stand out and do the following things:

  • Help moms in blogging and building an online career
  • Teach people how to start a home-based online business through a blog
  • Teach students how to be productive at school and home
  • Assist teachers to join any online tutoring website to teach online
  • Guide small businesses in setting up their websites
  • Make people understand about the productivity

The point being, you can open up the mind a little bit.  I get it. You’re going to talk about BLOGGING.

Instead of just focusing on a certain and the most basic part of the niche which everyone is already pursuing, you can play it smart and help some different audience through your blogging and still help guide them in blogging.

There is a slight difference of approach in the strategy and you can unveil a whole new chapter in your blogging journey.

Think about this: You have a blog about blogging tips and you’re helping construction companies in setting up their blogs and creating content on them that could attract, engage, and convert the leads into the customers.

How cool is that?

You’re still guiding them about blogging, website management, and conversion but you would almost get no competition around.

Jon Morrow sells his blogging courses. Darren Rowse got huge success with his e-books selling back in the days. It’s about figuring out what you can do better.

3) – Hunt down the New Possibilities

Have you ever thought about making money from the webinar and live chat softwares?

I did. I thought I would do it at some point.

Go talk to such companies. Ask for their affiliate programs.

You can still run a blogging tips blog and talk about helping brands who want to do webinars. Just work with webinar software companies to promote them via their affiliate programs and make money.

Open up the possibilities…

How much do you want to milk a beginner who is hardly able to pay 150$ for a blog setup?

Think differently.

You can still talk about BLOGGING and make money.

Just fine-tune your strategy and help out hundreds of thousands of brands who don’t know about blogging. Help them out instead of newbie bloggers.

When you’d change up your approach based on your abilities and strengths, you’d start to stumble upon new things. That’s the game.

It’s a little bit creative thing to do.

Maybe, you could still work in blogging tips niche and start talking about habits, personal development, and best practices that lead you to further opportunities.

It starts with trying something new based on your strength, and the intent must be to help out others.

Your Part

Well, I still like ‘blogging tips’ niche…

I’m sure many of your might find it fascinating too and start off your blogs in the very same niche.

This reason I wrote this blog post is that this niche is so wide and enormous that you can tweak things around and find your little space in that and become an authority that you always wanted to be.

I will do that.

I might be starting a BLOGGING related blog in 2017 and I’m going to do exactly the same thing.

Because, not only will I want the survival of my blog, but I will also look at the scalability of my blog.

You’ll always find probloggers talking about targeting the sub-niches and going deeper into something specific and serve the specific audience.

But I have never seen someone talking about launching a blogging tips niche blog that does something different.

So, I did my part.

I have shown you a pathway that I will be following myself.

Is there anything else you would like to add to this topic?

I’d love to hear that.

Hassaan is a blogger, freelance writer, and a personal branding enthusiast. He helps brands with content writing. He does research on content marketing when he is not writing blog posts. Download his free guide on building a website. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Check out his personal blog.

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Ilyas Tarar - February 16, 2017

Hi Hassaan,

Did you write this for me? It feels so. I’m focusing on newbies like thousands of other bloggers.

Time to tweak my strategy.

Adeel Sami - February 19, 2017

Hello, Hassaan!

Too good!

The “blogging” niche has become too generic that almost everyone is after the same thing.

Blogging is not about just web hosting and themes, it is more than that mark.

The more creativity you add, you’re already “standing” as different.

And being different is a good success!

For that, smart work adds up to the line. 🙂

So, thank you for writing the best on Jane’s place!

~ Adeel


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