Starting with the RIGHT foundation is crucial to starting a successful blog

Starting with the RIGHT foundation is crucial to starting a successful blog

How to start a successful blog? – This is a million-dollar question, isn’t?

It is heartbreaking to see most blogs vanish – without being able to achieve blogging success of course!

There are numerous blogs that are started with great enthusiasm. But where do those blogs go?

And there are blogs that just survive – without making any progress.

Why is that? If all the enthusiasm with starting a blog was right, things should work out well too isn’t?

So what goes wrong here? What are we missing?

Well, there are numerous things that go wrong.

And I am not talking about things going wrong with the tools or software you use for blogging or any other technical issue.

I am talking about your mindset. Let me explain.

There are many misconceptions and false notions when it comes to blogging. They somehow enter your mind and ruin everything.

Here are some of the examples of such misconceptions:

  • Starting a blog and believing that you are running an online business.
  • Starting a blog without the knowledge about target audience or the market.
  • Believing that one should publish new blog posts every day to succeed.
  • Believing that publishing a few blog posts and putting up Adsense banners is what business is.

I can go on. But I hope you get the idea.

While these seem to be little things to talk about in a serious tone, let me tell you this – these ARE serious stuff.

Why? Because they create false notions and incorrect picture about this whole blogging thing in your mind.

So when you actually experience the reality – which is by the way, very very different from what you expected – you could collapse.

Some bloggers lose hope and quit blogging altogether. While others just keep doing what they do without knowing how to improve and move forward.

As a result, except very few blogs, most of them end up abandoned or hit a plateau in terms of growth.

What is the solution to blogging chaos?

When you have something in mind and find out that the reality is much far from that, it is upsetting. It can cause stress and unwanted depression.

It can cause confusion and chaos.

This is what is happening with most blogs in the blogosphere. And I don’t want you and your blog to experience such a chaos.

So what is the solution?

If what you have in mind and what you face in reality are one and the same, you can be much more prepared.

You can anticipate stuff. You can progress with no chaos and you can develop strategies for the success of your business.

How to start a successful blog?

In order to achieve that, you need this – a proper foundation.

And that is why I’ve developed a course dedicated only for this purpose – to create a proper foundation for bloggers.

I’ve named the course Blogging Success Foundation Course (you can learn more about the Course and Course Curriculum at this link).

If you have the right mindset to fully understand

  • what blogging is, and what it is not about
  • how important it is to achieve success with business,
  • what are all the challenges associated with blogging
  • how to devise success strategies (tailored for your business)
  • what to expect for the first few months into blogging
  • what are the crucial things that you should do to succeed with blogging

and so on, then you can certainly succeed.

Why? Because now you are in the right mindset. You clearly know what you have in stock when to comes to blogging.

All the challenges you might be facing are very clear to you, so you anticipate them, and not be surprised and prepare yourself to overcome such a situation.

You will not be disappointed with stuff you’ve been expecting, but that doesn’t happen in reality.

And much more importantly,

you will know how to start with clarity, proceed with a clear plan, do the right actions and get the perfect results.

From my experience, this kind of mindset and approach are highly crucial to blogging success.

A great foundation is absolutely necessary to take things smoothly and smartly with blogging.

So I’m very happy to launch this course and I am sure you will benefit from it.

In fact, instead of simply saying that you will benefit from the Course, I should say that you absolutely need it if you are into blogging.

And, you have nothing to lose. The course is absolutely free – so you can jump in right now and set the right foundation for your blogging success.

If you want to learn more about the Course and the Course Curriculum, click this link!

All the best.

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Shantanu Sinha - August 17, 2017

Hello Jane,

Awesome tips over here 🙂

Blogging is all about passion, if one is not passionate about his writing skills, they are not going to go much far in this.

Audience matters a lot, one should know what type of audiences they are going to hit and how they can attract them through
their writing skills.

Thanks for the share 🙂

I will tweet this.


Annie Caldwell - August 20, 2017

Hi Jane, Thanks for the guide. you are really helping the newbies.

Karthik Linga - August 22, 2017

Hey, Jane

Nice successful points out here, Great to know all successful words from this post, Keep posting.


Shakir Hassan - August 22, 2017

Hello Jane

Yeah, some blogs are started with full of enthusiasm by the site owner, but most of the time everything ended up doing nothing.

Two common blogging myths are (as you said.):

– Assuming you’re running an online business while running a blog

– Publishing blog posts on daily basis to succeed

Sure the second one helps a bit when it comes to SEO but is not guaranteed to make your blog successful.

Thanks for this post, Jane 🙂



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