Simple and Effective Formulae to Create a Perfect Blog Post In 2017

Simple and Effective Formulae to Create a Perfect Blog Post In 2017

Blogging is the core online business nowadays, and many of the web masters trying their hands on this online business.

With it, web masters educate many of the people around the world and help them resolve the problem they might face.

And now it becomes necessary for your brand or company to have at least one blog and regularly publish articles on that blog.

In fact, research has shown that brands with the blog have better marketing results. The average brand that blogs have in mind we have:

  • 55% more visitors on the blog
  • 97% more inbound links &
  • 434% more indexed pages

But, apart from knowing what to write about, the primary that many bloggers want to know how to write which means learn the correct blog post structure for improving the blog performance.

Without the right approach and strategy, this is likely you will be stuck with an excellent concept, without knowing how to express it.

So keeping that in mind we have generated this article with which you are going to find how you can use formulae to create the perfect blog post for your blog that will let you convey your idea and content in the most engaging way.

So here we go for the simple but effective formulae for eye-catching blog post.

Formulae for Perfect Blog Post

#1. Pick Strategic Blog Post Ideas

For an ideal blog post, first, generate some great ideas for your blog that you use for about three-to-four months.

Built a list of tons of strategically picked topics for your blog posts then create your blog post schedule.

This way you can coordinate your workflow, and it will allow you concentrate on writing some compelling content for your blog on a timely basis.

The procedure of building ideas for your blog posts should be based on:

  • List of Keywords
  • Analysis of competitors in your niche/industry
  • Current trends in market
  • What your audience expecting and want from you

All these elements are essential to boost your blog post and encourage people to comment on your blog. Ensure you follow all the factors which are listed above.

Equally, it is great to generate few evergreen blog post ideas because as their name these type of blog posts that people love to read again and again so this way you can continue to drive organic traffic.

Once you know what your reader love to read and on which topic you need to generate blog post, you can cover it up with the right format to build the perfect blog post.

#2. Excellent Headings

The factor that grabs more attention of your audience is the titles of your blog posts. Because this is the one influential factor in your blog post that is certainly break component.

There is a research by Copyblogger that follow the 80/20 rule that works excellently while crafting blog articles’ headings.

If you look around the web, there are millions of compelling and top quality content are available on a search engine and many other platforms. This is what creates the fierce competition in your niche.

So you need to find a fantastic way and see how you can make your blog article stand out from all the other content in your niche.

But make sure killer headlines will be only the thing which convinces your audience click-through it.

While you craft enticing headlines for your blog post make sure you keep the give below things in your mind:

  • Craft Headings that connect to your audience desires and emotions.
  • Headings with keywords rocks on the web.
  • You should write headings that cover the whole idea of your blog post.
  • Headings should contain at least 55 characters.
  • Check your blog post titles on Coschedule Headline Analyzer is good enough or not.

#3. Compelling Introduction

The compelling introduction is essential for any blog post because this is what identifies the flow and the progress of your article.

The main aim to craft compelling and substantial introduction is to attract your readers so that they continue reading your blog post.

The perfect introduction should share the entire concept of your whole article.

You can describe the current scenario which is happening in the market, and justify the value of the particular issue and explain how that issue affects people on the web.

You can then highlight that issue in your article’s introduction so that your audience get that as a solution by reading your article.

There is another powerful tactic for an introduction that tells a story.

Based on Groove HQ team research an introduction that tells the story helps driving 300% more readers and new visitors to your blog post than the posts that don’t tell a story.

The best way to craft an introduction that tells a story is to share your own personal story. Make sure you generate introductory part that you keep it brief and simple.

Even use natural and straightforward language with short sentences to make it more readable.

#4. Break Down Your Blog Post Into Main Points

Break Down Your Blog Post Into Main Points

Points make your content look neat and clean as well as easy to read. This is what optimize the beauty of your blog and even make it more readable.

Moreover, a neat and clean outline of any blog post makes it look more organized. There are many visitors who don’t read the post, they just scan the post.

They always look for the content that appeals them, this is where the break down your content is being essential. But make sure you keep the points short.

You can divide your content into subheadings like H2, H3, H4, etc.

With using subtitles in your article, you can make it more attractive by defining the title of each point in your article.

It even helps to improve your particular page on your blog for target keywords. You can even put targeted keywords on some on-page SEO locations.

Apart from that make sure you make use of quotes, bullet points, and few other things that make your more reader-friendly.

#5. Not Too Repetitive Conclusion

There is no need to revisit each and every point in your conclusion, all you have to do is to have some sort of closing statement.

It is simple but still, it does the job, it gives your content a wrapped-up feeling, so you don’t leave your reader hanging.

#6.Take Advantage of Visual Contents

Take Advantage of Visual Contents

Besides only writing content of your blog post, make use of some quality and relevant visuals like videos, images, and infographics in your content.

Visual content always adds value to the blog posts and they even rank well in search engine and attract more visitors and organic backlinks to your blog post.

#7. Maintain the Length of the Blog Post

It is proven that content that exceeding 2000 words then it performs best.

And even search engine prefers lengthy content and drive more and more traffic to that particular blog post.

#8. On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page optimization is one of the important factors to drive traffic to your blog content, if you won’t optimize your content’s on-page SEO then you won’t get that much traffic which you are expecting.

#9. Add CTA into Your Blog Post

The meaning of content marketing is sharing those content which helps and educates audience so they can have a solution for their issues, and even encourage them to take action.

This is where CTA comes forward call-to-action always makes blog post complete and perfect as well.

You can place it in sidebar, header or footer of your blog post.

Or you can even test the places in your blog post that works best for you and improve results.

#Bonus Pro Tips

#Mobile Optimization of Your Blog

It is essential to optimize your blog for mobile devices as well.

Many people around the world are using their mobile devices to browse blogs and websites.

So it is important to make their mobile experience flawless.

#Social Sharing Buttons

Always incorporate social sharing buttons on your blog.

Since social sharing buttons have the power to optimize the reach for your blog post, they are very great at encouraging people to share your blog post wisely and showcasing it to more such individuals who are looking for the solution for their issues.

You can even add “Click to tweet” boxes in your blog post which covers the quote along with the mention for your readers to make it easy for them to tweet that quote right away.


These are some of the straightforward and efficient formulae with which you can create perfect blog post for your blog.

Perhaps you have your own ideas and pattern, or you might have some additional ideas that I might forgot here to list down.

So if you have any other idea that works well then don’t forget to share them with me in here in the comment section below.

Nikhil Makwana is the co-founder of BforBloggingYou can catch him at popular food joints in Ahmedabad and also on Twitter.

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Lisa Sicard - August 3, 2017

Hi Nikhil and Jane, you made some really great points. I find it hard to always reach the 2,000 word point. I also often forget my CTA – I have some work to do on those techniques.
I have been doing more research on keywords and have found it to be help. I also promote my posts more too which I didn’t do enough of in the beginning.
Thanks for the tips and reminders! Enjoy your day.

Susan Velez - August 4, 2017

Hi Nikhil and Jane,

Great tips for creating the perfect blog post. One of the things that I do is I’ll brainstorm my ideas for months in advance.

This makes it easy for me to just sit down and write. In the past, I used to try to come up with a topic before writing. That’s just too much pressure for me.

I’ve heard that the longer content tends to perform better. Most of my posts are 1,000 – 1,500 words long. The only time that my content tends to get over 2,000 is when I write a tutorial.

At first, I used to try to make all my blog posts at least 1,500 words long. Now I don’t focus so much on the word count.

As long as I can get the point across in my article, I figure that’s enough. Only time will tell how my content does with organic traffic.

Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


Shantanu Sinha - August 4, 2017

Hello Nikhil,

Good to see you here on Jane’s site.

Some great points you have discussed here. I have always struggled to make my content in-depth enough. I feel worried what
if it goes to long.

I have been working on with keywords, one of the most difficult area for me. I have been using Longtail pro and it has help
me out very well.

Thanks for the the wake up call for getting things again in organized manner.


Shakir Hassan - August 4, 2017

Hi Nikhil and Jane,

An outstanding blog post checklist to follow to craft a perfect article in 2017.

You listed every thing that should be followed to create a killer blog post.

Agreed with you, the title is what grabs more attention of your reader & yup; I use Coschedule Headline Analyzer to make sure my title is fine enough.

Another factor that plays a vital role in creating a better content is to have a compelling introduction (as you said in the post,) which doesn’t only make readers keep sticking to your content but it also decreases your bounce rate which helps in SEO as well.

Number #4 point is yet another great idea to make the post looks interesting and make readers read the most important points of your article with ease.

I recommended the same strategy to my readers on one of the Bloggingmotive (dot) com articles – 25 Reasons Your Blog Visitors Don’t Read Your Blog Posts (And How To Fix Them)

Visual content is what helps the most. Lenght of the blog post matters as well. To remove this confusion, I even wrote an article on my blog – Series Of Blog Posts Vs. Long Blog Post to let me readers know which one is better for them.

And finally, CTA is important as well. Getting traffic to a piece of content is great, but if that traffic can’t convert, it’s just useless. And a beautiful CTA button is what’s going to help you to convert your visitor into subscriber or customer.

Seriously an excellent post, guys. Tweeting it now. 🙂


Gaurav Kumar - August 8, 2017

Hi Nikhil,

It takes time to research an idea and shape that idea in your writing. Writing a perfect blog post is an art. It includes research, construction, maintenance, publication and promotion as well.

All the tips you have shared are really important to write an excellent blog post. Thanks for sharing.



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