11 Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

11 Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

As you know affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

If you are an affiliate marketer and using your blog to sell products then you need to leverage all the possible methods to ensure six figures yearly income.

However, at the same time, it can be very difficult to master affiliate marketing. So in this article, I am giving you 11 best ways to promote affiliate products through your blog.

You must implement all of them in order to get most out of affiliate marketing.

1. Write a Product Review Post

Review Posts are one of the best ways for promoting affiliate products on your blog.

Before buying a product people always love to read an honest review.

They are more likely to buy a product from a website where they are reading the review.

So review posts are the best way to sell any given products.

However, writing a review is not an easy job. You have to know everything about the product you are trying to sell.

Moreover, your review must be honest and should not be biased.

If your review shows only one side of the picture then readers may doubt you and will never buy your product.

Therefore, start writing great reviews now.

2. Product Comparison and Round Up Post

Product Comparison

Compare all the popular products in the same niche.

You can create a table where you compare products for different parameters like features, pricing, return policy, user satisfaction, customer service etc.

You need to choose 8 to 10 products and for every product add a relevant image, brief summary and ratings.

End the post with giving your own recommendations.

Product Round Up

Product comparison and round up is almost same but here you choose hundreds of products as oppose to just 8 to 10.

You categorize your products so that users can search them and write a brief review (100 words) for each product.

Do not forget to mention affiliate links.

3. “How to” Tutorials or DIY Post

“How to” Tutorials or DIY Post

Write as many as “How to” and DIY (Do it Yourself) posts. Create tutorials for your niche and write How To and DIY articles on them.

‘How To’ tutorial article works really well if a product is technical and needs step by step instructions to be followed by your readers.

For example, if you are selling hosting services then you must write a “How To” Guide explaining how to set up a website from scratch.

Try to elaborate your articles as much as you can. Add Infographics to your articles and make it more interesting.

In the end, you can add an affiliate link to the product you are selling. Similarly, you can also write a great DIY post.

4. Banner Ads on Sidebar

Placing banner ads on the sidebar of your website is perhaps the easiest thing you can do.

But it is a great way to promote affiliate products on your blog.

You have to keep few points in your mind before adding banner ads to your site.

  • Banner advertisements work well if your site has huge targeted organic traffic.
  • Do not add too many banner ads on the sidebar because your visitors will get confused. So never place banner ads of same products on your sidebar.
  • Link your banner ad directly to the website where the affiliate product is being sold. Do not link to your review post.

5. Sharing Coupon Codes

Most of your website readers would love to buy things for free or at a discounted rate.

They will always look out for coupon codes if they are buying a product.

Whenever a visitor buys a product through your coupon code then you receive a commission for that sale.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to not just share coupons but also persuade customers to buy it through your affiliate link. You can write a weekly blog post dedicated to coupon codes only.

You may have seen various coupon sites saying “Click to View Coupon” or “Click to on to the Merchant Site” etc.

Incorporate coupon code plugin into your website just like banner ads.

6. Full Blown Sales Page

You can add a full blown sales page to your blog. Creating sales page is not an easy job. It is an art.

Even an experienced blogger will find it very difficult to create a full blown sales page.

So if you don’t have experience with copywriting then writing a sales page could be difficult for you.

What you can do is read sales page written by other experienced affiliate marketers.

After some experience, you can create your own sales page customized for your blog.

So always include a sales page in your blog’s menu.

7. Free eBooks and Giveaways Page

Create good, valuable content and give it for free. Free content is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products.

There is always a huge demand for eBooks and videos from the visitors of a blog.

You can create few quality eBooks with 20 to 30 pages each and give it for free to visitors of your blog.

Distributing free content is also known as pre selling. Every affiliate marketer knows the importance of pre selling.

Hence create free eBooks and other giveaway stuff like videos, podcasts etc.

After reading free eBooks your readers will be enticed to buy your product which will help build your brand in the community.

8. Featured Post

Featured post is as important as all the other pages in your blog.

A post that sticks to the Homepage of your blog is called featured post. Featured post helps you to get more views for your website.

Decide on which page is going to be your featured post.

Recommended is to make your sales page as your featured post. It is very easy to do if you are using WordPress as your CMS.

In Edit Post section, click on Visibility and check the “Stick this Post to the Front Page”.

Moreover, featured post is really great for On Page SEO. It will really help your blog to rank high on Google Search result page.

9. Separate Forum Page


Separate Forum Page

If your blog receives huge traffic then it is always wise to incorporate a Forum Page.

WordPress users will easily find a plug in for adding Forum.  Forum helps to generate debate among the readers of your blog and you.

You can answer their questions and give solutions to their problems. This way you will build a trust with them.

Later you can use this relationship to sell affiliate products to them.

Forums can really help you to convert your visitors into potential customers.

You can also leverage other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your blog.

PS: If you wish to get yourself a forum set up, just contact me here.

10. Email Marketing

Finally, you can use email marketing to direct-sell your affiliate product. You need to keep collecting names and email addresses of visitors coming onto your blog.

If your database is relevant then you can send them an email containing a sales page pitching a product.

With email marketing, you can sell a product to so many people overnight. Always keep building a quality email list.

Hence if you have a popular blog with huge traffic coming in, these 11 best ways can definitely work for you to sell and promote affiliate products on your blog.

Harshal is a Passionate Writer, Entrepreneur and a Marketer. His content is mostly focused on Blogging, Digital marketing and Online related topics which he shares with his readers through his writing. He is an adrenaline junkie and usually treks when not writing.

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Susan Velez - August 10, 2017

Hi Jane,

Great tips for improving our affiliate marketing methods. I currently love writing “how to tutorials” for products that I use. I know when I need to learn how to do something, the first thing I do is search the Internet for tutorials on whether or not the product is easy to use.

I personally haven’t created any review or comparison articles. I need to make it a point to do that. Oh, and coupons work great as well.

From my personal experience, I always look for coupons and discounts on products I am considering picking up.

Thanks for sharing these tips I’ll be sure to start implementing them to see if I can improve my affiliate marketing.

Have a great day 🙂


Elvis Michael - August 10, 2017

People are sometimes afraid to promote for fear of backlash, especially newer bloggers. But these techniques *should* provide a way to promote naturally without anything feeling “too forced.”

And as a bonus, let’s also not forget a good old Resources page, which should be linked to on occasion 😉

Have an awesome weekend, Jane

Shakir Hassan - August 10, 2017

Hello Harshal & Jane,

Thanks for sharing your tips on how to promote a product using a blog.

Product Comparison and product review posts always convert better than anything, isn’t it? 😉


Mohd Aktar - August 11, 2017

Hi Jane – Product reviews are one of the best tips. If you are using WordPress you can have a plugin, so that visitors can see the 🌟 Star and get impress with the product.

Scribbling Geek - August 11, 2017

Great tips. I’m barely selling anything on my site. Would need to look at some of these areas very carefully.

Shantanu Sinha - August 11, 2017

Hello Jane,

Awesome tips over here 🙂

Affiliate marketing is something that can make us good money in short time but it needs to be promoted and done in correct manner.

The reviewed about the products do help the customers to get a clear shot on what they are going to purchase. It helps them to know the product as well they can know about their feedback. If the one is doing well with it or not.

Putting a comparison betweens products always create a win win situation for the owners.

I am not yet into affiliate marketing but I am surely going to pin down these tips so that I can take some advantages from this.

Thanks for the share.


M Rambbau - August 12, 2017


Thanks for sharing your tips on how to promote a product using a blog.


Sanjeev Mohindra - August 13, 2017

Hi Jane,

These are some good tips for affiliate marketing. Product reviews and sharing tools which we use on day to day basis works great for it.

Most of the methods are direct affiliate marketing techniques but we can also do the affiliate marketing in indirect ways. Write an article about the problem which is solved by the products. If we can convince the readers that the product solves those problems in an efficient manner, they might be interested in buying those.

It will increase the conversion rate also for those posts.


Suraiya Begam - August 14, 2017

Hi Harshal & Jane. Love your post!. Awesome tips over here.! I have recently started a blog, and wanted to start with affiliate marketing but had no clue. Your blog posts have helped me greatly. Thank you for your work.


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