Publishing Content Attracts New Visitors, PR Traction and An Explosion In Your SEO Rankings

Publishing Content Attracts New Visitors, PR Traction and An Explosion In Your SEO Rankings

Publishing engaging content can result in overwhelming results that are beneficial for startup companies, entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes.

The help desk software company, Freshdesk.com- which was founded in 2011- benefited from an intriguing article about Girish, the company’s founder, and his motivation to start his organization.

In the end, the website gained 30,000 new visitors and gained 175 new members who signed up over the course of two days.

The article was not printed in a major publication.

A simple, regular outlet, such as the Ycombinator’s Hackernews site used by Freshdesk.com- which already has an established audience- worked sufficiently well.

So just to experiment with the potentially explosive results that can be derived from article marketing, we produce content revolving around our story as the company LightingShoes in March.

We discussed how we evolved from an existing e-commerce site that we were able to purchase and reconstruct into a profitable online business.

That single published story resulted in traction that was gained from other websites such as Indiehackers.com and Reddit.com.

Here Is What Happened

We received 3257 visitors on our LightingShoes site that came from Reddit as well as 951 visitors that were attracted from Indiehackers.

Additionally, we acquired rankings among the top 500 keywords, adding an additional 220 keywords to our roster that were not a part of our campaign prior to the publishing.

From the referral traffic, we were able to garner 2 direct sales, but we gained 11 sales that came directly from the increased SEO rankings.

We’ve even received messages from associates close to Oprah Winfrey, saying that they saw the article and were so intrigued by the content that they passed it along for consideration by the Oprah’s Favorite Things Magazine- further asserting that they would be in touch again soon.

With all the positive results that were derived from the efforts of a singular, it just goes to proves that one thing will always remain consistent in terms of online marketing: you always get results from intriguing content.

Here is how you, as an entrepreneur, can experience these types of results for your own business while targeting any community or demographic that you choose to address.

Plan and Execute an Idea

Plan and Execute an Idea

First and foremost, you must map out your plan, strategy and road map, then follow up by executing your idea. That means having a clear purpose that you are driven by.

That also means determining your ultimate goal, explicitly detailing the individual steps that will into creating the best written contents.

In a nutshell, that translates into conducting research that will dictate the direction of your article.

Perhaps you want to talk about the success of your business, or you want to compare your business to something that will be outside of the norm, creating a truly unique piece of comparison.

Regardless of the direction that you intend to take, it is important that what you are producing is broken down into actionable sections that will allow you to better accomplish your final goal.

Perhaps you want to get more visitors, or you intend to increase your bottom line, requiring you to encourage subscriptions and purchases.

On the other hand, you may be more interested in developing a strong search engine presence with the use of increased traffic.

Regardless of your final objective, the assembling of the road map, coupled with the determined execution of your idea works together succinctly

Research the Community

Next, you need to research the community or demographic in which you wish to reach. Not every message will resonate with the same group of people.

You need to know specifics about the community you are addressing, as well as research the interests and topics of discussion that best attract your targeted community.

This needs to be done without alienating those outside the community.

Through your research, you will discover whether your targeted community is more interested in instructional information or education that unveils the truth behind unexpected topics.

On the other side of the equation, your demographic may be so overwhelmed with stiff content that they simply need a source of comic relief and entertainment that exposes them to interesting perspectives of popular topics.

Regardless of the direction, it is essential that you research your intended community, and mold your content around their needs.

Interact with The Community

Interact with The Community

Once you have identified particulars about the community, you must engage with your demographic- on their level- in order to create a bond that transforms into a series of impressionable engagements.

When writing your content, ensure that you are connecting with the core concerns, thoughts and questions that would be irresistible in a multidimensional facet.

You want to engage in a two-way conversation between you and your target market, inviting them to participate in the discussion and share their thoughts.

These invaluable responses give you in-depth insight into the mindset and thinking patterns of your audience.

It also attracts the formation of an anxiously awaiting audience that have a significant interest in any future publications.

Write Captivating Headlines

When writing the content that you intend to publish, it is important for you to create a headline that is captivating and descriptive.

In the day and age of social media, content is absorbed by the masses in short, quick and small snippets.

Normally, people scan the title of an article, make an immediate assumption about the content and instantly determine their level of interest in reading further.

That means that it does not matter how well written the content its, if the headline is not uniquely attractive, your content will have little gravity.

Without a catchy headline, people would otherwise enjoy the content will never read it.

The catchy headline should not only intrigue the reader to discover the substance of the article, it should summarize the content while evoking an immediate emotion.

Ensure Your Content is Engaging

Finally, it is essentially vital that the content you produce is engaging, intriguing and provoking while commanding a response from your audience.

If you can evoke an automatic, natural and emotional response by connecting with your audience on a meaningful level, your content will benefit you in many ways.

Creating engaging content requires that your piece is professionally presented, attractive and is not static.

That means the text is accompanied by pictures, videos and has links to additional resources. It is also important that the actual text of the article is meaningful to the reader.

When they walk away, you want them to feel energized.

Your goal in writing is to leave the impression on the reader that the content enhanced their way of thinking, provoked laughter or sadness, or at least left them with lingering thoughts.

The entire purpose of this is to encourage your readers to find the need to share the content to others.

If the article is important enough, they will post the article on their Facebook or twitter timeline or make personal recommended to others.

The content then becomes viral and your marketing efforts are multiplied.

Without doing anything extra, your article can then be presented in front of hundreds, potentially thousands of people that you would otherwise not normally reach.

Melissa Stevens is a born entrepreneur and loves creating value through business. Currently she one of the owners and chief marketer at lightingshoes.net. Lighting Shoes is an online shop for Light Up LED Shoes. Check out their line of Kid’s Shoes.

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Kimsea Sok - June 23, 2017

Jane, a nice article.

Thanks for spending time research the information regarded producing engage content. I’m glad to listen to the above companies. Gaining 30k visitors isn’t a small amount.

I agree what you said, research the community is so important for growing of the traffic. I’ve done some benchmarks on Google Analytics and found my blog need to be improved as the conversion is 15% less than others.

I might need to spend more time to research some case study as what you did here. What’s more, the engage rate of the content is still limited. I believe I should review old articles and update it.

Thanks for sharing..

Lisa P. Sicard - June 24, 2017

Jane, thanks for sharing their story here. I like how you pinpointed where the direct sales came from. It’s interesting too to see how the engaging content works.
Research and planning are key in creating content. It isn’t just the writing we must do, we must research a lot first an then write an then find a perfect headline. I love using co-schedule headliner analyze to help me with that task.
Thanks again for sharing this case study and the tips.

Susan Velez - June 28, 2017

Hi Jane,

Great tips, I am always looking for ways to create better engaging content. To tell you the truth, I really don’t do a lot of research.

What I usually do is find out which content my readers already like and then I’ll write more content off of that. Since that content has already been proven to be popular, I figure why not write some more of it.

Being able to gain 30,000 new visitors is awesome. The best part is gaining 175 new members is the best part. After all, what good is traffic if they’re not really interested enough to sign up for our products or services.

The next time I sit down to write a new post, I am going to take these things into consideration. After all, I would love to have more engagement and start working on building a tribe on my blog.

Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂



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