How to write amazing blog posts even if you are a newbie?

How to write amazing blog posts even if you are a newbie?

Every blogger starts as a newbie. We all don’t have that “years of experience” when we start out, right?

But the fact that you are a newbie should not affect the quality of your blog.

How to be a newbie blogger and also keep up the standards when it comes to content creation?

Is it even possible?

My subscribers often ask this question to me!

I am just starting out. But how do I write content to amaze my readers? I am a newbie myself!

Quite reasonable question, isn’t? I can emphathize with such a situation because this sounds exactly like me when I started out.

But being a newbie and being able to create amazing content is totally possible and here’s how to do it.

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Identify what your readers want

For this step, I assume that you already know your readers! If not, you have to go back to square one and find out who your readers are.

Once you have identified your target audience, you have to get down in the field and do research to find out the problems and pain points of your target audience.

How to identify what your readers want?

If you know your target audience and your niche, all you have to do is some hunting. Q and A sites are the best places to start with. I’d highly recommend Quora.

For any specific keyword or topic you have lots of questions that are asked by people who are your potential readers.

Go to Quora and type in any keyword in your niche.

Search Quora

For instance, I typed “content marketing” into the search box. A drop down will appear giving you a list of options. Choose one.

Search Quora-1

You will get a lot of questions asked by real people who are in need of solutions to those problems.

Quora search results

Make a list of the questions in a spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can look into your own blog’s comment section, or the comment section of blogs in your niche to find out what people are talking about.

If you have a list of email subscribers, they would have probably reached out to you with questions. Those are pressing questions.

Subscriber question_1

Subscriber question_2

Add them to your spreadsheet.

Now you can create content that matches with your readers’ queries. You are going to exactly deliver what your readers want.

And that makes your blog content amazing, coz I can remember how many times I’ve felt “rescued” or “relieved” when I found a solution to a problem through a blog post!

Win your readers’ heart

When you publish content that solves, or addresses or empathises with your readers’ problems, you are half way already in winning their heart!

How to make it 100%.

Over deliver.

It is an art. Rather than just pointing out the solutions to a problem, show them how they can do it.

Give them action steps. Like – do this, this and then this, so you can solve this problem.

Show them.

Go the extra mile. Provide them with out of the box solutions. Surprise them with freebies, or supplementary material that they can use even outside of your blog!

Get better at writing

There is no doubt that content creation requires lots of writing. Even if you are not solely publishing text based posts, for audios or video content, you still have to write the script.

So that’s a lot of writing for consistent publishing.

Unless you improve your writing skills, it is going to be pretty hard for you to impress your readers.

Information or usefulness is totally important. I agree.

But presentation is equally important.

Don’t ruin your great idea with mediocre writing!

Grab this course of mine if you want to create killer content > How to create killer content for your business? 

Tune in to your inner voice

You would have often heard about identifying your voice. Yes it is very important that you identify your own voice rather than trying to imitate a popular blogger.

One simple way to do this (and write awesome content) is to tune in to your inner voice.

Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and talk to your inner self.

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If this is you with that particular problem or seeking information on that particular topic, what would you expect? What would you want that piece of content to look like?

What things you want on that content so you will be amazed?

The answers to these questions tell you how to create amazing content for your readers.

And trust me, this works.

Research before writing

Coming up with a blog post idea and starting to write on that topic spontaneously is a blessing.

It proves that you are an expert on that topic and you have enough to share on that topic.

However, it is highly crucial that you do your research before you start writing your content.

Why? Because you should clearly know what’s already been said. This helps you to avoid creating re-hashed content.

Of course, putting your head down and writing your own content helps you create unique content for sure.

But if you research on the topic, you can provide your readers with additional (background) information on the subject.

Also you cannot write a complete blog post on a topic; rather you can link to other resources for additional reading.

This makes your content valuable. And amazing.

Back up your claims

Whatever claims you are making in your content should be backed up. And researching before writing helps doing this.

Without proper backup, any claim won’t sound authentic. If you backup a claim, or a statistic – you are increasing the trust factor.

Facts, evidences, supporting material etc. can be used to backup a claim.

Saying it is one thing but proving it is another

This tip makes your content conceptually rich.

And, it not only increases the trust factor, but also helps your readers to implement your tips with much confidence.

Fill the gap (very important)

When you do your research, you find what others have already said on the topic.

You know what’s already been discussed and what solutions are provided.

Now you can do better. You can fill the gap.

Find out the gap between what your readers really want and what that has been already said – so you find what is left out to make it complete. Or what can be added to bridge the gap.

Of course I am not saying that you should only create 100% unique content – that’s impossible.

Every topic under the sun has already been discussed – probably in a lot more detail than it was 10 years ago.

But you can provide your own twist, your own special secret ingredient to bridge the gap.

There is always a new way to do something, a new solution to an age old problem.

Do that and you’ll amaze your readers.

Create a killer headline

Headline plays a very crucial role in creating amazing blog posts. Even though the headline is not technically part of the content, it represents your content.

It is the one that hits the eyeballs first even before your content. So you have to make it a killer.

Apart from that, as inspiration and to get better at writing titles, you can use these blog topic generators.

In any case, your blog post title should sound amazing (so is your blog post).

If it misses the “amaze” factor then the chances that your readers will take a look at your amazing content and be amazed is much lesser.

Create realistic content

I just talked about writing killer headline. But here’s the most important thing – your content should live up to the expectations.

If you just make fake promises and introduce hype in the headline and write mediocre content, your readers will leave with a feeling that is totally opposite of “being amazed”.

So make it a point that you write a killer, yet realistic title. And make sure that you create realistic content.

For instance, do not promise your readers that they can learn guitar in 5 days, and create content that supports this unrealistic claim.

Lose weight over the weekend

Be practical. Be realistic.

In order to make your blog post and the headline go hand in hand (and realistic), write your blog post first with a working title.

And then based on the final output of your blog post content, write an apt, realistic headline.

Amaze your blog readers the right way

Given the amount of content published on blogs everyday, your content should stand out. It should amaze your readers.

If you fail to create amazing content, your content will just be lost in the sea of wonderful (and crappy) content.

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Think about this – what aspects of a blog post will amaze you?

When do you find a post useful? When you do actually feel thankful to the blogger because he/she has helped solve your pressing problem?

You have to provide those aspects in your blog posts. And I’ve listed those aspects here in this blog post.

Well now, go ahead and create amazing content!

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Ryan Biddulph - April 13, 2017

Hi Jane,

I am nutz on Quora. Fab resource for new or veteran bloggers to find, ID and address questions related to your niche of choice.

I get asked a handful of blogging questions daily. So I can turn around and answer these questions both on Quora, short-form, and through a longer form blog post to leverage my presence, to help folks and to write a steady flow of relevant content for my audience to enjoy.

Pop over to Quora for 10 minutes daily. Tap into a goldmine of helpful questions and answer through the platform, your blog and through guest posts too.

Thanks for the helpful post Jane 🙂

Signing off from Thailand.


    Jane - June 10, 2017

    Hey Ryan,

    Quora is a wonderful platform for bloggers! Helps with lots of stuff including acting as a motivation for blog content, being helpful, reaching out, and yes, self promotion!

    10 Minutes daily on Quora sounds like a great strategy!

    Thanks for stopping by.


Susan Velez - April 13, 2017

Hi Jane,

Great tips for writing amazing blog tips, especially, when someone is new. We all start somewhere, after al we were all new when we first started.

I agree the more consistent you are with your content writing, eventually, things will start to feel a lot easier. Before you know it writing for your blog will become second nature.

Totally agree with you on the be real and don’t lie just to try to get visitors. You’ll lost the trust of your readers before they even get to know who you are.

I’ve started using Quora and I agree it is definitely a goldmine for bloggers. It takes a little bit of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will help new bloggers.

Have a great day 🙂


    Jane - June 10, 2017

    Hey Susan,

    Yes – being consistent with publishing may seem daunting at first. But with practice it can become a much easier thing to do.

    Lying does help a bit for a long term cause – may be it will work for a short while! Readers are so so smart and as you say, they will lose trust before they even get to know you! How pathetic!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Jelina Roy - April 18, 2017

Hey Jane,

Indeed an Informative Post.

I would like to highlight one thing that can make us good or just an average writer. If we pick a topic that we love, we can produce epic content, after little research, but if we choose to write on topic we do not love, then we will not be able to put quality on it, no matter how much research we have done.

This point is very important to me and I know it is crucial for all the newbies as well Pro’s.

jessica - April 20, 2017

I agree with Jelina roy.

we need to put some personal feeling in our words and whenever we do this, we produce a better content. I have written a couple of things related to my niche but I feel better while writing a topic of my personal interest.


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